New Tiles Screenshots

In this screenshot, you can see my new rocky tiles and how they gradually dissipated into a simpler tile further down. While I’m much happier with the continuity of the pattern compared to before, the transition between the two types of tiles is still much too harsh at this points and should be a much smoother gradient. Being a natural pattern, there shouldn’t be such straight lines and obvious pattern repetition! As a result of my last post, the guys from MiniBoss (who have made Out There Somewhere) have confirmed with me that they infact use a slightly altered tile which is placed infrequently throughout the pattern to avoid overuse of the same tiles.

Here you can see how the same tiles can be applied to things like these floating platforms, although at the moment the edges need some serious refining to better match my original level design plans. The wooden platform has been added for a little variety in platform surface, and in this case I think merges quite well with the rest of the scenery. I’ve used a slightly rocky edge around the platform to make it look like it has been built into the mountain.

This screenshot shows an example of a house made from my new set of building tiles, and how this fits into a similar environment. The wood of the house seems a lot darker than the tiles from the previous building, so I’m considering making these a little lighter. This is relieved slightly by the lighting , which highlights parts of the building and dims out some of the background, so for now it’s probably fine. I’m still using the same light effect for all lights, so I will change the hanging lights soon to vary slightly from the light of the lanterns.
You can also see the blue-tile pattern I made in this screenshot, although it doesn’t blend in nicely like the brick tile did. Feedback I got from this screenshot was that it looked like an explorable area with a blue-tiled background, so I could use it this way in the future.


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