I’ve looked over the timeplan for this week and partly be mistake, my objectives are mostly the same as they were for the previous week, to achieve a “good representation of the final game.”

So, there’s still a lot of visual work to be done! There are still a whole range of tiles to be added to each tileset-nothing is finished. Over the weekend I came up with a silhouette background to fill out some of the background, which has made a huge difference to the way the game looks.

I got the idea for this style of background from some screenshots I took of the game Nevermore 3, which uses layers of distant silhouettes in its backgrounds.

In my repeated background image, I’ve created silhouette buildings, trees, statues, shrines and pagodas inspired by Japanese landscapes:

The idea is to use a darker coloured background on top of this to add a better sense of distance and break up the monochrome.

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