“Momoiro” Finishing Touches

Today has been pretty similar to yesterday. The first level Momoiro is now looking pretty finished, from now until the end of the project I’ll probably just be tweaking little bits rather than making huge changes. In the screenshot above you can see the second cave part of the level, which probably has way too many lights! So there’s something that could do with some rearranging.

Here’s a screenshot from another part of the level, which leads down to the cafe. I was previously trying to play around with things I could do with the red brick tiles and some of the shadowy overlay tiles, but in the end I’ve decided to try and keep things simple.

The part of the level which has been changed the most today is the cafe itself. To set this apart from other buildings, I’ve added outdoor table arrangements and a unique flag which reads カフエ “cafe” in katakana. I’ve also added a new table light, which shines a small circular light which at the moment is the same colour as the hanging lights. It might be a little too bright at the moment, so I might dim this later. Also, I’m trying to work out how to create a flickering effect to make it seem like candle light, but I’m not currently sure how to do this with the EasyLighting system.

Other than that, there’s not much more to do, except for adding the extra characters and working on the background imagery. I’m still happy with the silhouette at the top of the level, but the rest of the level looks very dull without anything in the background. I’ve also got to add the trees back in before I forget!

Some of the characters are more developed than others. This afternoon I started working on Kaze, a resident of Momoiro who wears a face mask and scarf due to his cold. I’ve given him a walking and climbing animation so that he can manoeuvre around his home, but haven’t programmed any movement in the engine yet.


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