Hanami Theme Tune

For the Hanami main theme I’ve started off with a repeated pentatonic scale played on my “koto” instrument (which is actually just the higher notes of a piano sampler instrument). I’ve harmonised (most of) this scale, using notes 5 semitones below the melodic line. Instead of playing the scale in order or pitch, I’ve rearranged the scale.

I added in a percussion track made of simple wood-block and bell sounds below the koto tracks. This track comes in a couple of bars after the music begins.

The third layer comes in at the same point of the percussion. I’ve used an “aaah chorus” sample for this layer, which is similar to the one used in Hisaishi’s Kaze no Toorimichi. This comes in two parts, which alternate every two bars, unlike the other tracks which repeat every one bar so far.

My top layer holds the track’s melody, which is played by a flute sampler instrument. This comes in gradually, as I’ve noticed it’s fairly infrequent in the tracks I’ve listened to. It starts off in small chunks, before eventually becoming the main emphasis of the track towards the end.

To add a little more emphasis to the end of the track where the melody is played, I’ve added in a new instrument playing a variation on the pentatonic scale. At times this mimics the flute melody.

The resulting track loops seamlessly, and constantly changes in depth and instrument type so hopefully won’t seem too repetitive, despite only being a minute and a half long. It may still need some refinement to make some of the instruments sound nice, but I’m happy with the overall sound of the track.


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