More Music Inspiration

It’s been a busy (and long) Easter weekend, so I’ve only managed to get little bits done here and there. When I’ve had the chance I’ve been working on some new tracks so that each level can have its own background music, and I’ve now got the beginnings of two more tracks on the way. The more I think about it, the more I hear similar tracks in my head that I can take inspiration from, some from existing video games and some just from the general world of music:

Chrono Trigger: Corridor of Time by Yasunori Mitsuda

This is one of my favourite tracks from the SNES game Chrono Trigger, the tone is so mystic and relaxing, I’ve had a difficult time stopping myself from simply just ripping this off. The instruments and the tone of the piece are exactly what I’m looking to create with my tracks.

Spryo 3 Year of the Dragon: Bamboo Terrace by Stewart Copeland

This track is much more fast-paced, resulting in something much less calm and relaxed. What I like about this piece is its constant change in tone and layering of instruments. For level two of Hanami which uses bamboo in its background throughout, I want to create a similar rhythmic style with a subtle bamboo flute layered in patches!

Aqueous Transmissions by Incubus

This track consists of almost all traditional Japanese instruments, and sets a VERY relaxed scene. The backing track (and the vocals, to a large extent) are very repetitive, especially the Pipa riff which repeats throughout the track. This underlying repetition is something I’ve been doing without really thinking about it, as it provides a solid base for all other instruments to follow.

As well as being inspired by the relaxing tones of the tracks above, I’ve been trying to think of ways of making a much harsher sound for the final Boss theme. I can’t seem to think of any games that use traditional Japanese instruments in their boss theme music, so it will be interesting to take a generic sounding boss theme tune and replace the normal instruments with those similar to the tracks above!

In the BRILLIANT video below, you can hear a collection of all the boss themes from the Final Fantasy series. Composer Nobuo Uematsu really knows how to capture the tension of the moment with epic battle music…


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