End of Week Wrap Up & 1/2 of Weekend Update #6

Towards the end of this week I’ve been concentrating my efforts on the Professional Development unit and have tried to fix little bits of the game and add art in between writing sessions. I’ve kept a list of the little things I’ve managed to get done, and some of the things that were on my original to-do list that haven’t made it yet…

What I did do:

  • Made music for the opening slideshow (though not completely happy with the result)
  • Made a “press button” prompt when the opening slides can be changed
  • Sorted out the double-jump sound so that it ONLY plays when double jumping. It had been found to play when on ladders…
  • Fixed the retro X-press thing that was going on when trying to obtain sushi (for some reason you would gain sushi for the amount of times that X had previously been pressed. Not sure why or how but it works properly now.)
  • Added a sushi-get sound when acquiring sushi from Hiru
  • Fixed some anomalies in the arrangement of tiles in certain levels
  • Removed some pointless and annoying invisible walls. I can’t remember why I even put them there in the first place.
  • Re-placed one instance of Ji-sama and one instance of Kigurumi where they seemed to get stuck on the scenery or tried to walk no thin air. Neither of these worked especially well.
  • Changed the layering of the onsen hot springs in level three so that they are in front of the player
  • Added a door unlocking sound to the final door in level four
  • Added a confirmation sound when saving
  • Sorted out a problem with a serious framerate drop during the final boss fight. This happened a lot previously where I’d jammed unnecessary commands into instances’ step events, and this was basically the same problem.

What I couldn’t do/haven’t done yet:

  • Sort out a petal-giving animation, which plays when the player talks to a character with a petal. I’ve made a couple of animations, but can’t seem to get the timing right in the code.
  • Make Ji-sama disappearing after talking to him. I’ve programmed a conversation with Ji-sama to restore all of the player’s health, but I want this to be a one time only thing and for him to disappear in a cloud of smoke afterwards, however at the moment only the first frame of the animation plays for a while then he returns to normal. I may just have to write in the code to only allow healing once.
  • Improve transition between different background music. I just can’t figure out a way to make a nice cross-fade or anything. Game Maker just isn’t equipped for good music handling.
  • Figure out how to solve the final loading issue…I’m now pretty sure that loading the game works fine, except that on a fresh load none of the sounds of background music loads. This has something to do with the files being external resources, but I’m not sure how to fix the problem yet.

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