Everything A Game Should Have

Before recording the final playthrough video, I’ve played through the entire game myself to make sure everything works and to work out an effective route to follow so that I can show every blossom being obtained. This was also the best way to see if the jump to the ending slides worked, which as it turned out it didn’t! So I’ve fixed that, and added one more very final slide that shows the kanji for “owari”, meaning “end”.

To wrap the game up for testing, I’ve added a few finished touches. I’ve replaced the default Game Maker loading screen with a horizontal version of the game’s logo. The main reason I’ve decided to align the logo horizontally this one time only is because it sits better on the monitor. This is shown when the game is initially opened up.

In this screenshot you can also see the Hanami blossom icon in the task bar along the bottom. This is the same as the game icon, although because it’s bigger it hasn’t actually scaled very well. I’ll be sure to scale it properly myself before converting it to a 32×32 pixel .ico file!

The last addition I’ve made is a readme and help file which will come in the game folder. I had fun creating the typography in the readme text file, inspired by the likes of Spelunky and Ninja Senki! The file is a basic and quick look at some game info including controls, although a pdf version of the game manual will also be available.

The game’s help file is the same as this but unfortunately without the bubbly title. This is brought up in game by pressing the F1 key.

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