Download Hanami Beta Now!

The Hanami Beta is now available to download from the Yoyo Games Sandbox website! Because the game won’t scale to account for various screen resolutions, I’ve created a fixed windowed version of the game which sits in a 960×570 window. Compared to the footage and images I’ve been showing so far, this version reduces the amount that is visible on the screen at once. I actually prefer this limited field of vision as the screen looks a lot less cluttered, although it does potentially make the game harder and much easier to get lost!

The sites requires info and images to create a dedicated page for the game. I took some screenshots from the new windowed version of the game to upload:

The zipped folder available by clicking on the download game link consists of a folder containing:

Folder of box art images
The empty save folder
Folder of game sounds
The game (windows executable)
PDF instruction manual
Readme text file
Supersound.dll (required to play sounds in game)

The game currently appears in the Beta type section of the site in the Platform genre. After the project is over I would love to continue working on and improving the game. I’ve already had some really helpful feedback and have started thinking of ideas for positive changes. Hopefully I can get some more feedback from the Yoyo Games site.

You can see the game’s download page by clicking on the link below!



Added: 12 May 2012
By: Hana Mi

10 responses

  1. Hey there. I’ve been cheking your devlog for some time, to see how the game went, but I forgot about it until today. I just checked back half a dozen pages to see how far you made it. Bravo for the beta ! I’ll be sure to play it ASAP.

    I also want to say that your methods of making this game are well-thought and professional (detailed concept art and design documents, project timeline…). I admire you for all that hard work, more so since I can’t manage to put a lot of it in my easily-trashed game projects.

    Congratulations again.
    I hope you get a lot of feedback on this game and finish polishing it – and, perhaps make another one ? – in the future.

    (P.S., while I’m at it. I’m using the Grandma Engine too, but my player object won’t always land on one-way platforms and will instead fall through them, as the >1 gravity makes it skip the pixel that makes the checkBelow script consider it’s touching ground. How did you solve this issue, if you encountered it ?)

    • Thanks so much!

      I find it really helpful to start off by just writing and drawing as much as possible, even if it’s really irrelevant. It gets you in a good mindset, although I don’t think this method is really for everyone. It’s possible to imagine something and then just make it, but I don’t think I’m that talented!

      There are actually a lot of problems with the beta, and it feels very rushed together to me. I’m almost definitely going to start remaking the game soon, pretty much from scratch, to make everything more perfect. If you do end up playing it then I would love any constructive criticism.

      I did have a few problems with the jumpthru platforms, mostly around the ladder blocks I made. Other than that I found that you fall through them if you stack them quite close together vertically, which is why I ended up making every floor solid and only using jumpthrus for randomly jumping on tables and stuff! I think I might have had a few problems where I had a lot of solid and one-way platforms together in one place, but I’m not really sure what the problem was there, and again I just resolved the problem by trying to only use the solid blocks.

      Other than that, I’ve got to say the Grandma Engine is GREAT. Good luck in your GM endeavours šŸ™‚

  2. This game, is awesome! Really good job. I love the art style! It’s really quirky and just lovable. (I kind of wish I could leave her house in the first level without it bugging, but phooey) Again, this is great! Keep working on it. šŸ™‚

    • Hi, unfortunately the host site no longer exists and I probably won’t provide a new link. The game was bug riddled and needed refining, but I’m not working on it any more. This blog is pretty old, and there are much better games being made with game maker now! Check them out šŸ™‚

      • OK, since there has been an unexpected demand I will add the game to dropbox for download.

        You can download the game here:

        (sorry, it has obviously been a long time since I worked on this and I can’t remember all the files needed to make the game run. I’m pretty sure you need to make sure that all these files are downloaded and in the same folder for the game to play. Please let me know if you have any issues!)

        I hope you like it – the main complaint I have had about the game is that it is difficult to exit so apologies in advance!

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