Second Half of Weekend Update #6

I’ve slotted in time for two extra slides that will appear during the credits of the game, which I have written up this weekend and will appear after the boss fight. These depict the events that happen after the Zashiki Warashi is defeated and the kokeshi doll is acquired, although I’ve specifically made sure that these images don’t nicely wrap up the game, as I’m saving this for the “perfect ending”.

The first slide shows Hana placing the kokeshi doll in a small shrine, along with a bowl full of the collected cherry blossoms. This is saying “crisis averted”, I tried to make this image simple and peaceful as though you know everything is all right.

The final slide is just there as an ender, and shows the most frequent characters back celebrating Hanami along with Hana who now holds a Hanami Dango (although this is quite difficult to see, as it seems to merge with Kyo’s face quite well!)

After the credits, the player is taken straight back to the beginning of the game for the new game plus, where they keep all the items they’ve obtained but get to go back through the levels and try to find every single last cherry blossom. If they do, nothing currently happens, as I haven’t drawn up a “perfect ending” yet! This is one of the last things I have to do before the game is ready for beta testing, as well as a few other little things like a game icon and loading screen.