Download Hanami Beta Now!

The Hanami Beta is now available to download from the Yoyo Games Sandbox website! Because the game won’t scale to account for various screen resolutions, I’ve created a fixed windowed version of the game which sits in a 960×570 window. Compared to the footage and images I’ve been showing so far, this version reduces the amount that is visible on the screen at once. I actually prefer this limited field of vision as the screen looks a lot less cluttered, although it does potentially make the game harder and much easier to get lost!

The sites requires info and images to create a dedicated page for the game. I took some screenshots from the new windowed version of the game to upload:

The zipped folder available by clicking on the download game link consists of a folder containing:

Folder of box art images
The empty save folder
Folder of game sounds
The game (windows executable)
PDF instruction manual
Readme text file
Supersound.dll (required to play sounds in game)

The game currently appears in the Beta type section of the site in the Platform genre. After the project is over I would love to continue working on and improving the game. I’ve already had some really helpful feedback and have started thinking of ideas for positive changes. Hopefully I can get some more feedback from the Yoyo Games site.

You can see the game’s download page by clicking on the link below!



Added: 12 May 2012
By: Hana Mi