Midori Moods

Midori is the Japanese word for Green, and Hamani’s level 4 is certainly that…

Ao Iro Mood Board

Aoi things from Japan:)

I feel so blue now!

Daidai Iro Mood Board

More inspirational colour-themed images from Japan in preparation for creating my new orange coloured level!

“Momoiru” Mood Board

A mood board of all things pink and Japanese! A little inspiration for creating a pink level….

Sakura Mood Board

It’s not a real mood board, but this was easier than cutting and sticking! These are some of my favourite Google image search results from the keywords Sakura Blossom (Japanese name for Cherry Blossom.) The results are interesting because, although you’d generally associate the blossoms with the colour pink, the shades seem to vary infinitely throughout every image. This could partly be down to varying camera settings, but at times they are definitely represented as a very pale, fragile mass against a blue sky, and other times they are shown as a vibrant, luscious blossom.

The main point of this selection of images is to get a feel for the colour schemes of the flowers. They seem to have a huge impact on the areas around them, as if they emit their own colours against any background. I especially like the high contrast between the trees and the blue sky, although I similarly like the combination of browns and traditional Japanese reds.

In Hanami, I will probably be using tree sprites as background imagery, but most importantly, I must create a flower object which is collectable by the player!