Let’s Play Hanami

This video shows a complete run-through of the game, and every item collected. Details are explained with game dialogue style commentary on the way.

While the game is currently in a state where it can be played from beginning to end, it’s not necessarily a finished piece. You will notice a couple of glitches and problems, including:

at 10:33: The man who could walk through walls…
But didn’t get too far. I’m still unsure as to the cause of this problem. The character object is used in all of the first three levels, but only encounters this problem here. I’ve put plenty of measures in place to stop the problem from happening, but haven’t found the solution yet. If I can’t work it out before next week, then I will try to relocate the character and hope that this solves everything.

at 14:24: Some fairly poor level design.
The solution to this problem is to take away some of the walls and ceiling to simply provide the player with enough room to actually jump into the space, without loosing a whole lot of health along the way.

at 23:13: A positioning problem
Probably related to bad maths or bad coding. The kokeshi doll should appear in the centre of the screen like every other item when it is collected, but I may have accidentally programmed it to appear above the player. This just doesn’t look right at all, but is an easy problem to fix.

at 24:49: A score positioning problem
Again, not entirely sure about the cause of this problem. When the new game+ begins, the score shifts slightly to the left. You can hardly see it above the blossom icon, but it’s there. It slyly moves back to its proper place when the inventory is opened, it seems. Not sure how I’m going to solve this one.

Please leave comments/suggestions on anything else you notice, and I will fix everything up for a beta release.